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Beware the spinal trap

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Beware the spinal trap
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Post Beware the spinal trap

Discussion thread for the blog entry "Beware the spinal trap" by AndromedasWake.

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Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:49 pm
FraggedMindPosts: 2Joined: Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:53 pm

Post Re: Beware the spinal trap

I recommend everyone watch "Penn&Teller: Bullshit - Season 1 Episode 2 - Alternative Medicine"
Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:18 pm
buttieUser avatarPosts: 1Joined: Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:05 amLocation: Poland

Post Re: Beware the spinal trap

There was similar trial in Poland, but this time homoeostasis were involved. They sued professor of medicine Andrzej Gregosiewicz for publishing a report in which he was proving that homoeopathy is a fraud and nothing more than placebo. The result of first trial came as an unpleasant surprise, prof. Gregosiewicz lost in court and was obliged to run a correction in media. It was a big news in tv and papers: Alternative medicine is better than regular one! Court says so!
Professor of course lodged an appeal and won second trial, jury admitted that homoeopathy isn't medicine at all, and guess what? No one has written about it, there's been no tv interviews and so on. Sad thing, but at least it begun some discussion about homoeopathy and alternative way of treatment in physicians circle.
Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:44 pm
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